About Me

I’m Ben Jacob and I’m here to entertain you.

I want to be trusted to do this and stuff (Roseanne Barr’s tag on her final campaign speech for POTUS).

Long nights at FSU & AMDA NYC, a decade of method acting in LA, and waiting up for my last boyfriend to come home showed me that artists can change the world. Also, smart comedians deliver the real news.

I adore the entertainment industry and have found that where I’m at is where I must be. Whether in an improv jam at The Pack Theater, shooting comedy sketches for Instagram, or making a new tutorial for my YouTube channel,I’m manic if I’m not creating.

In fact, the first song I learned on piano was The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. In my free time, I’m a recording artist and dancer.

A fun thing I like to share with people is I’m a practicing Nichiren Buddhist. I’m also a reliable gay sidekick – literally my role in a pilot I shot recently called White Girl Problems. My somber side had its own coming-out in a few short films this past year.

I wanna keep turning you up as long as I’ve got your attention.

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